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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Easiest way to add third party widgets to your blog

Blogger provides really nice interface and its quite user friendly to bloggers, regardless of what some people say that the platform is controlled by them, blah blah blah... For beginners, it is easy to make money as well using the Adsense gadget.

Apart from that, you can also add 3rd party Ads from other Ad Networks. If the other Ad Networks provide their javascript, u can use directly the HTML/Javascript Gadget that is provided in the list of gadgets (instead of cutting-and-pasting the codes into the 'Edit HTML-Layout' section of the Blogs.)

Just paste your codes into the content section and if you don't want any ugly titles appearing above your ads, don't write/type anything in the title section. Leave it blank, or press the space key (so that the title is given a blank space).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Investing in Gold

This morning a friend was asking my opinion about investment in gold. For long, gold has been a very attractive type of investment. Even when we look up history, traders and invaders have travelled far and wide in search of this shiny metal.

My 2-cents opinion on this matter is listed below.

Why invest in Gold?
  • Gold is the most liquid asset.
  • Gold can play a vital role in diversifying your portfolio.
Why investors may shy away from investing in Gold:
  • One must remember that gold, like any commodity, can move down just as aggressively as it moves up. In mid-March this year, gold was seen traded at more than US$1,000 an ounce and earlier this month, it came down to less than US$750. So, it is possible to lose value in gold as well as other investment.
  • Another point worth noting is that gold was not an interest-bearing asset.

People preferred to keep gold coins rather than gold bars but the buying of physical gold was quite rare due to “security issues”.

Ways to purchase/invest in Gold:
  • Gold Bullion Coins - Kijang Emas (you can get it from selected Maybank branches)
  • Gold Savings Passbook Account

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

About Money Churner

Money Churner is a blog targeted for young and the middle aged group of professionals, executives, students,entrepreneurs and even housewives, offering hints, tips and ideas to help enhance your knowledge about your finances- to make money as well as preserve and make it grow.

If there is any hot businesses worth exploring, I'll probably be discussing about it as well.And from time to time, if I get bored, I may just talk some unrelated things, which, I hope you guys wouldn't mind!

Use the search box at the top right hand corner if you're looking for specific information, or simply browse through my posts instead.

Please leave your comments or contact me directly. Your comments and opinions are always appreciated!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Customized Blog

Just trying my hand at customizing the blog today, so decided to create a new blog just for this purpose..

Actually, coming to think of it, its almost a year now, since I got myself a website. But nothing much was done and the blogging software that I used was not really user-friendly. Until I checked out