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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boycotting American Products

In almost all Muslim countries, the collective cry to stop the war against the innocents in Palestine is heard. Some countries, if not all of them, even went to the extent of boycotting Israeli/Jewish/ American products. Yes, products like McDonald's, Nokia, Coca Cola and Starbucks Coffee!

Don't get me wrong. I'm all against war and especially if it is affecting innocent women and children. But this? Leaders of countries calling for a boycott of products from those countries? I don't think so.. In fact, I feel that those 'leaders' are on their way to successfully create a worse situation of an economic downturn.

Stopping me from going to Starbucks or McDonald's would not redirect me to any other local stalls. Instead, I'm going to tighten my wallet. And if this actually happens, won't there be lesser money being circulated in the market? And therefore forcing the economic situation to take for the worse? Wrong timing/situation for personal finance education???

If things are headed the way it is, 2009 isn't going to be any better and if those leaders out there are not thinking about having a solution to this financial turmoil we are facing and instead taking actions based on their emotions. Leaders should not try to make use of this situation to gain cheap publicity and for their own political gains. I'm sure all of us want peace and there are other ways to end this problem. Don't you all agree?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

The year 2008 was definitely a year of ups and downs. It started off with a good dose of ups but decided to close the curtains with an equally matching and challenging collection of downs. Many are still stuck with the downs of 2008. Don't let your hopes down. Don't forget that the 2009 is here now. Believe that it will lift you out of your troubles brought by 2008.

May God continuously bless us all with long life, good health and great provisions!