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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Severe Infections Lands Me in the Hospital

Not enough with year 2008's lousy closing, 2009's opening was even more devastating for me. For those who may have been wondering of my absence of more than a month, this is the reason: I was admitted in the hospital for severe infections. To complicate things even further, blood samples sent to the lab were returned with mismatched results!

Getting admitted into the hospital is not a good idea at all, if you ask me. Prolonged stay there can cause you to get sicklier as well. Not forgetting the boredom that comes with staring at the four walls when you are awake and the pain that comes when doctors and nurses come to prick you for setting an IV drip and collecting blood samples from you.Ouch!!!

Friends who visited me joked that my name would definitely be the top on the list for retrenchment, looking at the serious economic situation we are in right now. This was also the time it made us realise the importance of having a proper/sufficiently covered medical card (insurance). At least you won't have an additional stress worrying about huge medical bills that will be handed to you on discharge from the hospital.

I'm just glad I'm back home. Home sweet home.


CJ said...

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lulugal11 said...

I am sorry that you ended up in the hospital. I was in the hospital a few months ago and I agree that it is hellish. I was losing a lot of blood (ended up needing a transfusion) but the doctors needed blood from me every three hours to check some levels of something.

I have tiny veins and it was very difficult for them to get in....took about three pokes each time AND there were some nurses who just gave up on me and would not even try. :-)

t-luck said...


didn't expect to have a friend here sharing my experience..yes, hellish is the word!