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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Best Recession-Proof Jobs

* Physician assistant
Two-year training program, and at least two years of college; license exam
Salary: $62,000

* Nurse practitioner
Master's degree in nursing
Salary: $74,000

* Cardiac sonographer
Two-year associate's degree, or 1-year certificate in diagnostic sonography
Salary: $56,000

* Laboratory technician
Bachelor's degree with coursework in chemistry, biology, and statistics; state certification and license
Salary: $51,000

* Computer control programmer and CNC programmer
Two-year degree or vocational degree and apprenticeship
Salary: $33,000 (computer control operator) $44,000 (CNC programmer)

* Actuary
Bachelor's degree in mathematics, statistics, or finance; professional certification
Salary: $86,000

* Financial analyst 1
Bachelor's degree in finance preferred
Salary: $48,000

* Financial planner
Bachelor's degree in finance preferred; examination for Certified Financial Planners
Salary: $61,000


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