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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Major Landslide!

For those who have been wondering why I haven't posted for about a week, this is the reason that I have- I was caught in a landslide! A reason good enough, I hope.

All power and telecommunication to my housing area was cut off. The main road was inaccessible due to the debris from the landslide and the houses that collapsed from the impact of it. Finally we had to come out through a jungle, which was cleared by the army personnels who arrived at the location for the search and rescue operation.

We could see young and old alike trying to vacate the disaster stricken area as soon as possible. In total, 14 beautiful bungalows was destroyed and 4 persons were killed and 1 body still not found in the tragedy. Luckily the number of death was low as it occurred during a long weekend break and most of the occupants were away.

Please bear with me until I get things sorted out.


revantflani said...

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Fabulously Broke said...

Hope everything goes well for you. My thoughts are with you.

Trevor said...

Wow... scary times! Hope you are well.

PS. Love the blog; it's my first time visiting; I'll definitely come again.

debt relief said...

wow, incredible story. Sorry to hear that some lost their lives. Unbelievable. Glad you are ok.

t-luck said...

@Fabulously Broke, @Trevor, @debt relief...

thanks for all your concerns.. yes, it was a scary time for all of us..
just hope that 2009 will bring us all better tidings...