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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How To Make Some Extra Bucks - By Doing Nothing

I love the title - do nothing and make some money at the same time. Almost nothing, that is…

1. Put aside the change

Put aside all the coins that you receive everyday into a piggy bank - yeah, mummy is always right. Just continue to do what you were trained to do from young. After some time, you will be surprised that you have some substantial amount of money in your savings.

2. Terminate your gym membership

No, don’t get me wrong. If you are actively utilizing your gym membership, by all means go ahead and exercise. After all health comes before wealth. But, if you are not using them and paying hundreds of dollars every month hoping that you will be using them soon (and this has been going on for a year or so), it is about time you looked into terminating the membership immediately and try to exercise at home instead using simple equipments such as the skipping rope and dumb bells.

3. Change to regular petrol

Unless you own a very new car and too sensitive to the performance of your car, you can always change to the regular petrol from your premium petrol. This will save you a few cents for every litre and for the few hundred litres your car is going to gulp down over a few weeks or months, you should be having a thicker wallet.

4. Use credit card instead of cash

Let me warn you first - you have to be extremely disciplined to follow this step, or else you will end up cursing me for giving you this idea. Credit card companies usually give out points to their customers for every swipe of the card that you make. Just make sure you record every transaction that you make with your card and before the end of every month, make a full settlement on your card. This way, you are not charged for your card, but you get something free instead for this service. At times, after a certain period of accumulation, you can even go for a free vacation! That’s a brilliant idea, wouldn’t you agree?

5. Disconnect your cable TV

For a person who is concerned about his finance, cable TV would sound too luxurious. Instead of being a couch potato, the time can be utilised to earn additional income or exercising or doing some better things. Or at the least, try to minimize the channels or switch to a lower plan, if available.

After following the steps mentioned above, you would have made some amount of money. Well, a dollar saved is a dollar made!

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