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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What Can You Do To Supplement Your Income?

There are many things out there you can do to supplement your income. However, since most of the time people don’t get to do what they love to do in their primary jobs ( they are most like to be working for the paychecks) first of all you have to ask yourself a few simple questions. This is an important step as you want to enjoy yourself as well as earning some income at the same time.

  • What is your hobby?
  • What is it that you can continue to enjoy to do even though there’s no money involved in it?
  • Can you get support from your family members in what you intend to do? (not necessary but you will soon find that it will be much easier if you had their support or understanding)
  • Do you need any special facilities or equipments and how much cost would be incurred?

Having thought about all these questions mentioned, you have various choice of jobs that you can start-off as a part-timer or as a hobby. Besides generating some income for you, it can continue to be your favourite past-time. You can relax yourselves and free yourselves from the daily stress.

Among the popular choices that you have:

  • Teach part time - This can include at colleges/institutes or giving private tuition.
  • Baby sit - If you find that you love kids, you can always offer baby sitting service, starting from your relatives.
  • Designing websites - You can help to design and maintain websites for the small business owners and gradually as your skills improve, you may even offer your services to the corporate group as well.
  • Service computers - Usually customers find it difficult to troubleshoot or maintain a pc (from viruses, de fragmenting, installation of software,etc.) after their warranty period is over. Why not offer your service in this area?
  • Tailoring service - If your service is good and you are good with your hands, you are sure to have your hands full especially during festive seasons.
  • Bridal & make-up service - This seasonal service is also good for a part-timer who is artistic and creative. Together with this, you can have decoration service also included.

The examples given above are merely to jumpstart in case you are having difficulties looking for ideas. But hey, the sky is the limit. You don’t have to limit yourself to these jobs alone as you can come up with your own method to supplement your income as you should know best what you are good at!

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