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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The top 20 jobs most likely to survive a recession

Though the top 20 jobs are listed down, it is important to note here that only highly skilled people are in demand always, whether it is a technical or non-technical job.
So, in order to be still saleable, it is recommended that you should upgrade yourself with additional paper qualification, whether it is a degree or a simple plain certificate. Other than that you can also opt to check out certifications, such as the brainbench certification, some of which are provided for free on the Internet.

Jobs that most probably will survive a recession:

1. Sales representative/business development

2. Software design/development

3. Nursing

4. Accounting and finance executive

5. Accounting staff

6. Networking/systems administration

7. Administrative assistant

8. Business analysis (software implementation)

9. Business analysis (research)

10. Finance staff

11. Project management

12. Testing/quality assurance

13. Product management

14. Database administration

15. Account/customer support

16. Technology executive

17. Electrical engineering

18. Sales executive

19. Mechanical Engineering

20. Government contracts administration

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