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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Funerals & Weddings In The Financial World

What a title! Some of you may even feel shocked that those two have anything in common at all. After all, they are like worlds apart. One is an occasion to be merry and remembered life long while the other is an occasion of gloominess and brings down tears even from the bravest of all..

Last week I had to attend a funeral and a wedding and I realised that as the world continue to grow economically, people are willing to spend lavishly. And in many customs, weddings and funerals are considered to be a very sensitive and placed in the highest order at the same time. It also represents their status in the community.

You know where I'm heading to, right? Yes. Weddings and funerals these days are becoming a very expensive affair. As to feed their ego, more and more people today spend more than they can afford for their weddings, and they defend their actions by saying, it is only once in a lifetime (and so are funerals!). Whether the parents or the couple to be married themselves are going to finance the wedding function, they seem to forget that life still goes on after the function and there would be more and more expenses coming along the way. Some even go to the extent of taking huge personal loans to cater for this 1-day event!

And if this is not shocking enough to you, nowadays you can even get a burial spot for yourself well in advance. Some people even invest in it and sell a few years later when they get good returns out of it. Funerals are held in pomp and splendour just to show off how what a big name the family has in the society. The longer they have the function and cater for a bigger crowd, it is assumed that their status is higher in the society.

All I want to say is this: whether it is going to be a wedding or a funeral, have it in the most moderate way you can think off.

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