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Thursday, November 27, 2008

How To Increase Your Traffic By 1000% ?

What do you think is the common dream of most bloggers? To increase traffic to their sites, right? Imagine increasing traffic by 1000%. Well, imagine no more.That's what exactly I did to my blog, MoneyChurner.

3-4 days back I was reading SVB's article on agregators and she did mention about a new service, Tip'd. So, I did some little exploring on my own and joined Tip'd.

I'll show you what my stats on Google's Adsense Report looked like before I joined Tip'd. In the screen capture below it shows I had merely 30 page impressions.

Now, after joining Tip'd just after 1 day and submitting 3 articles(which are:My Maid/Servant Is Richer Than Me','How To Retire As A Millionnaire By Investing in Real Estate?' and '4 financial things you should know before getting married'), my traffic stats or rather page impressions in my Google's Adsense account show as below:

Indeed very surprising. It shows page impressions of 310! I myself never imagined that. Maybe there are other ways out there to increase the traffic even further. I have to check it out and definitely share my experience with you all later. Meanwhile, do you believe that you too can make the 1000% leap?


Fabulously Broke said...

It's my goal this month since I am done my project as of today ;)

The Digerati Life said...

That's cool! I'm glad Tip'd helped you out!

t-luck said...

@Fabulously Broke,
Wishing you all the best!

@The Digerati Life,
Thanks. Lucky me I read your article!

Fortune Park Hotels Ltd said...

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Mark said...

Nice site! I have found Tip'd quite useful too.