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Monday, November 17, 2008

How Much Can I Save From The Current Reduction In Food Price?

How much do you think you can actually save from your daily food? Would you be surprised if I said that whatever little money that you saved from breakfast and lunch today could actually provide you with a comfortable retirement? Enjoy going places and relaxing in your own home after retirement with sufficient money for your daily needs. Isn't that wonderful?Maybe you can make use of the current situation. Read on.

Restaurant owners have agreed to reduce the price of 'roti canai' and 'teh tarik' by 10 sen and a plate of 'nasi kandar' by 20 sen, or at least that was what reported in The Star Online. (By the way, 'roti canai' is a Malaysian favourite pancake eaten with some curry and 'teh tarik' is actually a special concoction of tea, milk and sugar and stirred in a special way) This generosity arises from the reduction of petrol prices by the government, which business owners had used as an excuse earlier to hike up the price of almost everything under the sun.

For an average person who has been practising eating out for breakfast and lunch, it means a reduction of 30 sen for breakfast (assuming they have only 2 pieces of roti canai and a glass of teh tarik) and 20 sen for lunch, if he has nasi kandar for lunch. In total, savings for a day amounts to 50 sen.

If working days is considered 5 days a week, then in a month he'll be working 20 days. Therefore, using simple maths, 50x 20 = RM100. Not bad. I didn't realise it can reduce our expense by that much.

Some people are still wondering what to do with their money now. RM 100 savings can easily be used in an investment vehicle such as unit trust or mutual funds. They should make use of the opportunities given, especially now, because the market is all low and is good time to invest. Save a minimum of RM1000 for the initial investment and use the RM100 as the automatic deduction to do dollar cost averaging on your investment.

As for me, how much extra can I save in this particular case? The answer is none, because I usually pack my lunch & breakfast from home itself and I've been saving more all the while. Cheaper and healthier at the same time!

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