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Monday, November 10, 2008

Savings I Made Last Weekend

My house was running mostly on those dimly litted yellow bulbs after the fluorescent lamp's starter burnt off. For weeks, or probably months I was trying to put off fixing those things back. This week I thought, enough was enough. Had to fix them right away! Went to the hardware shop and got a few starters with the holder to fix to the round, fluorescent bulb. Got the ladder and climbed up. Then, when I was half way up, I suddenly realised that I had this phobia of heights and immediately cancelled my plans. Called my brother, who took his own sweet time to drop by.. Gave him some simple instruction on where to slot in those dangling wires, and in a few minutes we were done!

Water was leaking from the tap when we fixed the pipe to the washing machine. Precious water was simply being wasted.
Reason: The washer had worn out.
Changed the washer instead of the whole tap-head. The washer only cost a few cents, instead of the few dollars the tap-head would have cost me.

Called in my younger brother to help me out, instead of the handy-man who would have charged me for his services. My wife fixed us nice lunch & dinner.So it was an all in family affair.

In conclusion, the activities done were saving on electricity,water and workmanship.How much did I save? Got to check on next month's electricity & water bills.

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