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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Achieve Abundance of Wealth and Prosperity by Using Money Affirmation

Today, I would like to share with you all something different, something that I've come across quite lately and been practising it myself and surprisingly it works! Don't ask me how, I only understand half of it (hopefully) and still struggling to understand the rest of it. So, if you want a further understanding, you should contact Mr. Hari or his team of volunteers from IRAH- HOME OF HEALING who are there just to serve mankind with unconditional love.

Ok, coming back to the topic of today - Money Affirmation.

The self- heal Money Affirmation is meant for all who are seeking for abundance of wealth and prosperity in their lives.This affirmation is also for those who are suffering from financial woes such as debts and constant worries about the lack of money. Frequent repetition will lead to believe and thereby the manifestation of wealth.

I am thankful, for abundance of wealth is flowing into my life.
I am thankful for the comfort, freedom and joy in spending and enjoying money.

I am thankful for money is flowing freely in my life, trusting in whatever ways it comes to me.
Thank you for the abundance of wealth and the freedom and joy to spend and enjoy money easily.

Thank you for Blessing My Life with Love, Joy and Abundance.

Hope you readers benefit from this as well as I did. If I remember it correctly, Mr. Hari mentioned to me that if you think of wanting something, your state of mind will be conditioned to that state permanently and that's what you will be - wanting something.

Instead, try to imagine and affirm that you've already got what you wanted and thank for what you've received. Slowly your mind will begin to believe that you've already got it and that's what you'll have.

Again, if you have the how's and why's jumping up and down your head, better head over to irah-healing and talk to the right people. They would be more than happy to serve you.

When it is a question of money, everybody is of the same religion. ~Voltaire

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