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Monday, May 18, 2009

Want To Get-Rich-Quick? Think Again..

When talking about about good investment tools, I should not forget to mention the growing number of ponzi or get-rich-quick schemes that is coming in all sorts of forms. These masterminds that create them use different kinds of techniques and strategies to get people involved in it. Somehow, in between the legal investment machineries, these schemes manage to squeeze in and play with the emotions of its victims- GREED and FEAR.

For the last months, I've been hearing about some Gold Investment Scheme, supposedly backed up by some established goldsmith in town. They are giving 3% a month, which totals to 36% annually. You also get to keep the gold you purchased. But the catch seems to be they only give you the gold after 2-3 months.Why that long? Figure out yourself...

Then comes another scheme - with envelopes. You buy 5 postal money orders and send out to the company, and within a few weeks, you will get back more postal money orders that you can cash in.

Another version that I heard was even better. This guy used the idea of selling each pixel on his monitor (the idea that made the original person to be an instant millionaire from the use of Internet), but incorporated some get-rich-quick philosophies into it. So, you get to have a pixel on the company's website and then when you get downlines of your own, you are paid certain amount for your effort to bring in those victims!

And I'm sure more and more schemes such as these will be mushrooming soon as the economy is still in a daze and people are looking out for ways to make money. As I mentioned earlier, we succumb to our greed and fears, especially when we are in a desperate situation. Again, we have to discipline ourselves not to fall for any of these tricks. If you do, you are sure to lose your investments!

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