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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pointers For Unit Trust Investments

Please understand that Unit Trust (U.T.)/Mutual Funds is for long term investment only. It not for getting rich quick, neither it is for getting huge returns. However, it can be used as a very good tool against inflation.

Below are few pointers that you should keep in mind before making your decision:
  • never allow your emotions to control you when making investment, whether the market is doing very well or very badly.
  • you should be prepared to wait for AT LEAST 5 years to see your returns from your investments.
  • as the market now is quite volatile and many people are losing their jobs, make sure that you have at least 6 months of salary in savings,to prepare for rainy days (just in case..)
  • always add in whatever amount you can afford on a regular basis into your investment to get a better average pricing of your units-also known as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).
Whether you are opting for the high risk or low risk fund depends on the duration you have for investment, objective of your investment, etc. Generally speaking, people who are nearing retirement should go for the lower risk fund as compared to younger investors. But still, this can change as each individual's risk appetite varies.

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