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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Passive Income Earning Jobs

Last weekend, unofficially, the topic of discussion at home with my wife and a couple of friends were "The Career Path of Their Children". Even though that seemed a long long way to go for me, the entire group had actually created a strong mental picture of what they wanted their children to become in the future.

No doubt that nowadays parents are more liberal in letting their kids to choose the career of their choice and it seemed that these young parents are eager to give their opinions and ideas or simply said- 'brainwashing sessions' - before they allowed their children to have the final say. But what was most surprising to me was the fact that the list of jobs that came up. And guess what? At the top most was the most prestigious career (still) according to them - DOCTORS.
And what am I (and most pf bloggers) doing here talking about passive income and early retirement? We (includes this particular group of friends) talk and preach till our mouths go dry about having income without working and yet when coming to their children's career planning ( or financial planning) they do the total opposite. Who does not know the long working hours of a doctor and the stress that they have to undergo. A consultant gynaecologist that I know of has really made it BIG that he even has built his own hospital. But the sad part is that he still has to come work because patients come to him because of HIM and not because of his hospital. In fact he is almost reaching his seventies now and he is highly appreciated for his skills and expertise in his field.

It certainly is nice to be appreciated, but the sad part is you've got to work till you drop dead!On the other hand, people who have built their careers on jobs like financial planners or insurance agents or even Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) agents get to enjoy their lives as well as earn a good income to sustain it. What is the point of having tonnes of money when you can't enjoy it? I would definitely not choose studying medicine for my kid if given a choice.

Am I right in my decision? Or am I making a mistake here? I would love to get a feedback from you guys..

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